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For over 35 years,the Delisle Group has been providing Transport, Storage and Truck Wash services.
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Qhse commitments | quality & hygiene

QHSE commitments Our aim has always been to take pride in a job well done. We know that providing a quality service is a prerequisite for customer satisfaction. The Delisle group has always made this aim central to its development, and this policy has been rewarded by the recognition and loyalty of our customers. But as nothing lasts for ever, the Delisle group endeavours each day to make its quality of service even better.

Each company and each activity thus has ISO 9001 certification and undergoes SQAS assessment. The transport activities and truck washes also have Qualimat 4 certification.

At every level, we are constantly committed to a quality approach aimed at ensuring our customers’ continued satisfaction.

Quality requires first and foremost good training of our personnel. Thus, when a driver is hired, for example, he undergoes one week’s training with an experienced driver and one week’s training with our instructor in order to fully explain to him all the specific aspects of his job and instruct him in how to use his equipment to guarantee both efficiency and safety.

Subsequently, our team of instructors carries out regular checks to make sure that the instructions are correctly followed and, if necessary, trains the driver again to ensure that he has properly assimilated them.

QHSE commitments Quality also means good upkeep of equipment. And because the cleanliness of our trucks directly reflects our brand image in the eyes of our customers, each driver and operator is constantly made aware of the need to clean his vehicle meticulously.

Quality is also a matter of good management and good organisation. Each operation is covered by a procedure applied by all operators. However, it is above all thanks to the know-how and experience of all our personnel that we are able to carry out high-quality work under good conditions.

All our teams use recent computerised equipment. In particular, we have onboard computer systems in our vehicles which allow not only better follow-up for the customer but also better transmission of information.

Lastly, quality means respect for the goods entrusted to us. It is each person’s job to take care of and preserve the product he transports or stores. As regards food safety, an HACCP study is conducted for each activity. Operators and drivers are regularly trained and made aware of the need to comply with hygiene measures.